Overview of our Services

We offer an individual service to each of our clients in order for them to get the best from their business. We believe that this concept requires a balance between monetary reward, lifestyle and home and/or family.

We advise any business owner or company in varied situations, from a start up position, down sizing or expanding an existing business or simply trying to keep going.

While many difficulties in business are similar the solutions are very individual.

We will meet each client for an initial consultation, which is free of charge and most importantly fully confidential. This will include an outline of our fees.

This meeting will take place either in our offices, the client’s place of business or their own home if the client prefers. Always at a time most suitable to the client.

Following this meeting we will present our recommendation as soon as possible, normally within one week.

This will be in the form of a clear plan of actions and targets within a time scale in order to move you and your business forward.

We will outline our proposed fee structure, which is tailored to each client at this time.

Then the real work begins.

We will always stress that there are no magic solutions to difficult situations.

Tough decisions often have to be made which is difficult.

We will not tell you what you want to hear only what you need to hear.

Whether you and your business have just lost their way or if you and your business are in trouble, big or small we can help.

Contact us by phone or email soon as possible and we will return your call. With our support and knowledge you will achieve the solutions you need and be ready to live your life again.

Call us today on (045) 881888 or (087) 9779344 or
email us at info@purebusinessconsultancy.ie for further information